No Investment Earnings


You can sell our products in excess of 800 types without the need to purchase them. How will this work? You can sell the products on our site directly to the customers you will acquire through the site and earn 20% commission. You will sell the product without having to buy it and you will get 20% share of the sold product. Since you will be registered to the system, you will earn an extra 5 TL per three friends you invite every week and you will earn an additional 15% on the products your friends sell. Your friends will also receive 20% of the full price of the product, and you will too. In this way, you will both win and earn. We create a special reference link for you to eliminate the hassle of finding customers and increase your sales. You can share this link on social media, on platforms such as whatsapp or telegram, or on your website, and direct the customer to the product directly. Of course, you will receive 20% from your own sales and 15% from the sales of the people you invite, while at the same time you will receive an additional 3% and 1% share, respectively, for the 6% of their invites, since the friends you invite will invite someone. In addition to these, you will accumulate money in the pool and you will earn 5% more from the pool. The more you win, the more you sell, and the more you sell, the more you earn. You will earn money from the sales of the people you invite, and invite them as you earn. With our unlimited stocks, you will be able to sell continuously and earn a lot of money.