More Friends More Earnings Because you get a share of the people you invite and the people they invite, the more people you have invite links, the more you earn. The percentage of people you have an invitation ties with varies according to their closeness with you. You can form an invitation ties with hundreds of people at once. You are not responsible for the people with whom you have an invitation bond. You don't even have to know them. They may have come from the reference link you left on any social media, or you may have invited them personally. Since each sale made by you and the people you have an invitation ties to will leave each other a share, you suddenly become a business partner with hundreds of people. The more sales everyone makes, the more everyone will earn. Of course, since you get the biggest share from your personal sales, the most important will be your own sales. You may have joined us as a result of someone's invitation. You are in a common invitation bond with those before you and those after you. You are not responsible for anyone but yourself, but you will earn a lot of money from selling yourself and everyone else. Moreover, zero risk, 100% profit, as there is no need for any capital.